Family Day

Family Day

Everyday I wake up and my go to emotion is to be grumpy, sensitive and snarky. So every morning I have to say three things I am thankful for and I don’t get out of bed until I feel I have shifted into a state of gratitude. (Yes, this means you may have to get up early.)

And then ask my self “What is the purpose of me doing what I am going to do today?” 

And chances are I was getting up early to do my morning routine, and get the kids up and ready, throw on a load of laundry, get myself ready, and then catch a seabus to get to work. Then I’d work, come home, clean, cook, eat, get my kids ready for bed, read them a story, sing to them, cuddle for a few minutes and then I’d have to do my night time routine, sleep and repeat.. 

Sound familiar? Yeah, most of us live life this way. A never ending hamster wheel.

Yet, can you remember what hurt you the most as a child and still as an adult? A lack of human connection, rejection, bullying, abuse and neglect. 

It wasn’t the fact that you didn’t have name brand clothes, expensive toys, or the coolest room.

Don’t get me wrong it’s what we all dreamed of sometimes. And sometimes we dreamed of living a fancy, abundant, beautiful life full of money, and materialistic things and beautiful people. 

But what we really wanted was to be loved, thought about, protected, and cared about by our parents.

And the fancy, frivolous life came as a dream to escape the life you have and you still continue to chase that dream not realizing that’s why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

And that it may be the reason you are so unhappy. IS because you are chasing what you thought would make you happy, keep you safe and provide attachment as a child.

But is no longer what you want or need as an adult. I’m not saying it’s definitely the case but it’s definitely worth contemplation on your down time. 

For example, the reason I work, and live life on a hamster wheel temporarily is to be able to provide for my children and to build, save and invest for my future and my children’s future.

So when I wake up in the morning and I ask myself what is my purpose for today is- I answer one word “Family.”

To keep it very simple and purposeful first thing in the morning for my mind and heart. Because our words matched with feeling is so powerful and a key to manifesting. 

So, no. Taking one full day giving my undivided attention isn’t hard, or a waste of time or me “losing money” 

I’m blessed and grateful for every day I get to devote to my children.